23 before 24

Image by Sabrina Turturro
  1. Finish a 365 photo project
  2. Try working as a photo journalist
  3. Take underwater photographs
  4. Shoot more film on my analogue camera
  5. Have a photograph published
  6. Have a pice of writing published
  7. Get a tattoo
  8. Start drawing
  9. Have picnic in a park
  10. Learn to make tiramisu
  11. Go vegetarian
  12. Take a moonlit walk on the beach
  13. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  14. Go on a road trip
  15. Draw a mustache on someone while they’re sleeping
  16. Travel to 4 new countries 
  17. Take pictures in a photo booth
  18. Fall in love
  19. Make a short film
  20. Send flowers anonymously
  21. Learn surfing
  22. Throw a surprise party for someone
  23. Get my driver’s license




Image by Hrystia Kaminska

He sits on the kitchen counter, half shut eyes. The streetlight on the side of the road shines trough the window and creates a strip of light dividing his face.

“I’m breaking up with you” slips trough his lips. I’m off guard and it hits me almost like a projectile. Scolding hot and burning like hell throwing me mentally off balance. I wanna touch him, just one last time and it’s all I can think of. I stretch out my hand and reach for his arm. He pulls away and walk out the door.

I hold myself together, there’s no one else to help now. Which is fine I tell myself, I wouldn’t want anyone else anyway. I want you and only you. “You, you you” I let the word roll over my tongue repeatedly.

I can’t help but wonder if it all was just make-believe.


New beginnings


Despite being the middle of june there’s still a winter chill in the air. These past months have been going slowly. Today I decided to change. I try to tell myself that beginnings are always scary, it’s best just to wing it. For months now I’ve been dreading starting. As I’ve found myself stuck in the same place I decided to make some changes. Firstly to start creating again, secondly to stop being so scared and lastly to stop comparing myself.

The fog hangs above the trees as I go into the woods to shoot. The weight and structure of the camera feels unfamiliar now that it’s so long since I’ve used it last. I’m not happy with any of the photographs and contemplate deleting them all.

I’ve been scared of change for so long it’s almost become something constant.

“Do you think I’ve changed?” I ask my friend over facebook “yes” she answers.