Image by Hrystia Kaminska

He sits on the kitchen counter, half shut eyes. The streetlight on the side of the road shines trough the window and creates a strip of light dividing his face.

“I’m breaking up with you” slips trough his lips. I’m off guard and it hits me almost like a projectile. Scolding hot and burning like hell throwing me mentally off balance. I wanna touch him, just one last time and it’s all I can think of. I stretch out my hand and reach for his arm. He pulls away and walk out the door.

I hold myself together, there’s no one else to help now. Which is fine I tell myself, I wouldn’t want anyone else anyway. I want you and only you. “You, you you” I let the word roll over my tongue repeatedly.

I can’t help but wonder if it all was just make-believe.