23 before 24

Image by Sabrina Turturro
  1. Finish a 365 photo project
  2. Try working as a photo journalist
  3. Take underwater photographs
  4. Shoot more film on my analogue camera
  5. Have a photograph published
  6. Have a pice of writing published
  7. Get a tattoo
  8. Start drawing
  9. Have picnic in a park
  10. Learn to make tiramisu
  11. Go vegetarian
  12. Take a moonlit walk on the beach
  13. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  14. Go on a road trip
  15. Draw a mustache on someone while they’re sleeping
  16. Travel to 4 new countries 
  17. Take pictures in a photo booth
  18. Fall in love
  19. Make a short film
  20. Send flowers anonymously
  21. Learn surfing
  22. Throw a surprise party for someone
  23. Get my driver’s license